Waltham Riverside Pocket Watches

Any time is a good time to become possessed of a Waltham Riverside Pocket Watche but a special occasion like Christmas or a birthday gives to the watch a perpetual sentiment which adds to its value.
At Waltham, Waltham Riverside Pocket Watches were made with greater mechanical resources and by more expert artificers than anywhere else in the world. The first word and the last in the manufacture of marvelously correct time keepers was Waltham.
The Riverside was the most popular Waltham model. It came in five sizes at different prices for both men and women. For the ordinary purposes of life it was probably the one best choice from the world of watches. To give one was a compliment, to own one a luxury.

The railroads of Australia demanded a watch which would set a world standard of accuracy and dependable service. After exhaustive test and searching examination this great British Commonwealth decided on the Waltham because every important improvement in watch making were originated in the Waltham laboratories. London, Geneva, Paris all admitted the supremacy of the watches made at Waltham.