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Vintage Gruen Watches

Find a place for Vintage Gruen Watches, in your watches collection or on your wrist,  Vintage Gruen Watches… thin, light, slender, beautiful . . and know now the pride of possession that the ownership of a Gruen Vintage Watch always engenders. Know, too, the staunch loyalty that has made the Gruen one of the preferred timepieces of vintage watches aficionados. Always faithful to the minute it will be. And no matter where you may be, your Gruen Vintage Watch will ever find ready and gracious acceptance in the most critical of eyes.

Vintage Gruen Precision Watches

Vintage Gruen Precision Watches. For generations the skilled hands of master craftsmen have fashioned every Gruen watch. Centuries of proud tradition, drawn from the guilds of medieval watchmakers, have formed their character. Through fat years and lean, Gruen has maintained… View Watches

Gruen Curvex Vintage Watch

Gruen Curvex Vintage Watch, it had a radically different construction, streamlined from the inside out that gave the then pocket watches accuracy in wristwatch convenience and beauty. In the 50's the country's leading fashion designers choose Gruen Curvex Watch this… View Watches