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Superatic Swiss Watch Ad Superatic Watches
Longines Swiss Watch Golden Arrow De Luxe Ad
Josmar Swiss Watch Ad
Unitas Calendar moon-phase Swiss Watch Ad Unitas Watches
Breitling Automatic Swiss Watch Ad

She’ll check the time a hundred times a day—especially when others are watching. For how else can a girl make…

1958 Pontifa Swiss Watch Ad
1959 International Watch Company Ad a watch that is reliable in every situation IWC

So is, Technically perfect, distinguished by the highest level of accuracy, while in sports are as reliable as they are…

RHAPSODY Bulova capturing the fascination of fine jewelry

1950s NEW AND DAZZLINGLY DIFFERENT Unique bracelet watches …cut, polished to catch each shaft of light. RHAPSODY Bulova capturing the…

1958 Avia Watch Ad