Illinois Pocket Watches

Every second my Illinois Pocket Watch ticks five times, 18,000 ticks an hour. And the loss or gain of just one tick out of each 18.000 would mean a variation in accuracy of more than 33 seconds a week.
Illinois Pocket Watches more than 90 years ago have brought the almost magic touch of accuracy to a point unsurpassed in watchmaking. It is significant of their perfection in design and construction that the famous Illinois Dunn Special railroad watches, for instance, were made lo run 60 hours and more from one winding a great Illinois achievement, providing not only an important feature of safety, but also a vital factor in increased accuracy.
It was that kind of devotion to the ideals of fine watchmaking an Illinois tradition. It was that kind of craftsmanship which endowed every Illinois pocket watch with added value for the price you pay. Illinois Pocket Watches have been made with all the care worthy of such a fine art.

Illinois pocket watches serial numbers:
Illinois pocket watches serial numbers