Hampden Pocket Watches

You can be sure of distinguished styling in Hampden Pocket Watches. The cases represent thes kill of America's Master Designers and case craftsman. They are guaranteed to be of the quality represented, as defined by the United States Gold Stamping regulations. You can be sure of mechanical excellence in Hampden Pocket Watches. The movements embodied the newest technical improvements in watchmaking: Glucydur-balance which is non-magnetic and non-tarnishable, metalinvar hairspring,steel polished escapement with cap jewel, and Rhodium non-tarnishable plates. The parts used in Hampden movements are standard and interchangeable. They were generally available at any reliable jewelry store or watch repair shop.

First case made at the Dueber Hampden factory in Canton on June 21, 1889. McKinley Presidential Library & Museum via Ohio Memory.