Hamilton Pocket Watches

Railroad men and jewelers endorsed the Hamilton Watch, every Hamilton. There were no low-grade Hamilton, no Hamilton with less than 17 jewels, no Hamilton that was not accurately adjusted before leaving the factory, no Hamilton that were not guaranteed to give complete satisfaction to the user. The Hamilton Watch combined the supreme qualities—accuracy, beauty and durability. Remember this when you buy a watch. Over 75% of the value of a fine watch movement is invisible. It is the time and care and skill employed in putting it together, and in making the minute final adjustments, that constitute the difference between a fine watch movement and one which merely looks like it.

Hamilton Pocket Watches s reputation for accuracy was so great that it became known as the Railroad Timekeeper of America. To the virtue of accuracy, the Hamilton Watch added that other requisite of a timepiece—beauty. The
Hamilton was a beautiful object that men and women took pride in owning. Men liked the Hamilton Watch because
it kept accurate time. Women also liked it because it was dependable as well as dainty.
Jewelers take pleasure in selling the Hamilton Pocket Watch because of its accuracy and durability.