Gruen Pocket Watches

Gruen Semithin Pocket Watch

Gruen Pocket Watches, so devout, so filled with love for their art, were the guild watchmakers of old time that they were accustomed to seek inspiration for their work in prayer. Such was the spirit or their craftsmanship. What wonder, then, that the creations of their hands were sought out eagerly as the richest gifts that even princes could bestow? It was to maintain that spirit in the watch-making industry of the days that the Gruen Watch Makers Guild was founded.
New standards of excellence were made possible by the most advanced methods in watch making techniques to produce Gruen Pocket Watches. But the Gruen Pocket Watches of the Gruen Guild were conceived in the same reverence spirit of finest workmanship as the guild watches of those years ago.
And like the old guild watches, the Gruen Pocket Watches were widely looked upon by the discriminating as the perfect tokens of sincere affection of deep respect.
Why not, therefore, select one of these watches for your timepiece collection.

"Watchmaking was an 'art and a mystery' in those medieval days. It was an art because the bretheren of the guild loved their work and labored to produce perfect timepieces ... a 'mystery' because the secrets of the trade were jealously guarded."

—A Worthy Company of Watchmakers, 1918