Edward Howard Pocket Watch

Edward Howard Pocket Watches. Few collectibles embody character and quality in such degree as the Edward Howard Pocket Watch.
The Edward Howard Pocket Watch above all is a collectible with a meaning. To own a Howard Watch is to share in the splendid Howard history and traditions: to join a distinguished company of men in public life, science, invention, business and the professions—men who have made the Howard the watch of leading Americans since 1842.

Ask any Horologist his opinion of the Edward Howard Pocket Watch based upon his knowledge of fine watch making. An Edward Howard Pocket Watch is always worth what you pay for it.

E. Howard & Co. Watch Production Series

E. Howard and Co. designated ranges of serial numbers for each series of watches. As multiple series were being produced at the same time, and gaps in serial numbers existed, production dates can only be estimated. E. Howard & Co. produced approximately 108,000 watch movements between 1858 and 1903.

For details of Howard production records, please visit the  railswest.com web site.

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