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Vintage Gruen Precision Watches

Vintage Gruen Precision Watches. For generations the skilled hands of master craftsmen have fashioned every Gruen watch. Centuries of proud tradition, drawn from the guilds of medieval watchmakers, have formed their character. Through fat years and lean, Gruen has maintained… View Watches

Vintage Movado Kingmatic Watches

Vintage Movado Kingmatic. The Kingmatic by Movado brought space age efficiency and thinness to the self-winding watch. Not only does it perform with remarkable accuracy and reliability but it was a modern miracle of elegance and style when released.

Gruen Curvex Vintage Watch

Gruen Curvex Vintage Watch, it had a radically different construction, streamlined from the inside out that gave the then pocket watches accuracy in wristwatch convenience and beauty. In the 50's the country's leading fashion designers choose Gruen Curvex Watch this… View Watches

Vintage Omega Constellation Chronometer

You will find a constant source of pleasure in the perfected beauty of a Vintage Omega Constellation. Its subtly curved case, its discreet luxury, its superb finish, the richness of its matching bracelet, and of course its magnificent accuracy… all… View Watches

Vintage Omega Seamaster

Vintage Omega Seamaster SEALS OUT WATER…SEALS IN ACCURACY they said some day others may approach it. But back then this singular achievement of Swiss watchmaking went unchallenged. Without a doubt the one of the world's finest automatic, water-resistant vintage timepiece.… View Watches

Charles Fasoldt Pocket Watch

Charles Fasoldt

Charles Fasoldt one of america's (and the world's) finest watch makers. Charles Fasoldt born in Dresden Germany in 1818, in 1848 travel to america settle first in Rome he relocated to Albany in 1861 and founded a watchmaking… View Watches

Edward Howard Pocket Watch

Edward Howard Pocket Watches. Few collectibles embody character and quality in such degree as the Edward Howard Pocket Watch.
The Edward Howard Pocket Watch above all is a collectible with a meaning. To own a Howard Watch is to share… View Watches